National VOAD

Since 1970

Since its founding, National VOAD has grown and learned, developed skills, and shared best practices. This resulted in a Commitment to Shared Values, the 4Cs (Communication, Coordination, Collaboration, and Cooperation) as guiding principles for how we operate and resolve conflict, and various Points of Consensus for guiding the work of individual member organizations and the collective efforts of the collaborative.

Today, National VOAD is a coalition of 70+ of the nation’s most reputable national organizations (faith-based, community-based, and other non-profit organizations) and 56 State/Territory VOADs.

Recognizing that all sectors of society must work together to foster more resilient, self-reliant communities nationwide, National VOAD facilitates partnerships with federal, state and local emergency management and other governmental agencies, as well as for-profit corporations, foundations, and educational and research institutions.

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